“The Unicorn’s Birthday™” Symphony Concert

a Sensory-Friendly Concert Celebration, commissioned by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has commissioned Grammy®-nominated and multi-platinum award-winning composer, Bob Singleton, to create a brand new sensory-friendly concert.

“The Unicorn’s Birthday™” will be a gentle, fantasy-and-fun-filled symphony experience with terrific music, fun sounds, captivating on-stage activity, friendly graphics, and gentle audience interactivity.

This new work is designed from the ground up to be a musically satisfying and welcoming concert for families and special needs audiences. It will be perfect for patrons that are OK with moderate audience activity during the performance and wish to enjoy a memorable orchestra experience without loud, sudden noises or musical tension.

Performance is set for June 3, 2023, 11 am at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas. TICKETS HERE

Build strong community goodwill while growing audiences with a heart-warming symphony experience. Sensory-sensitive concerts are sponsor-friendly for a wide variety of underwriting individuals and organizations.

Co-commissioning organizations enjoy co-commissioning status, local market protection for the premiere, generous performance rights, and other commissioning-only privileges. The cost for co-commissioning organizations is lower than other commissioning cost models.

Contact me for more information about co-commissioning and performances.