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Bob Singleton, arranger-composer-producer
Bob Singleton – picture by Andrew Ryan Shepherd

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Bob Singleton – composer-arranger-producer

Bob Singleton has created music and sound for recordings, live performances, film and other media, including:

  • Emmy-winning PBS series “Barney® and Friends”
  • Oscar-nominated film “In America”
  • Emmy-nominated series “In Search of the Heroes”
  • Grammy and Dove-nominated, multi-platinum kids’ albums
  • Top 20 national radio productions
  • International network and syndicated projects for Marvel Animation and “Barney® the Dinosaur”

Bob offers clients anywhere in the world award-winning composing, arranging, production, sound design, and scoring to picture for live instruments and digital workstations in a comfortable cutting-edge digital audio/video environment. His works for symphony orchestras have been performed in concert halls throughout the US.

See more about his recent projects for symphony orchestras, “The Unicorn’s Birthday®” commissioned and premiered by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and  “When Instruments Roamed the Earth!®” commissioned and premiered by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.